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Please be aware that a search which retrieves a large number of gemstones may take some time to load and to view. If you would like to narrow your search, please use the options described below:

Types of Gems Amethyst Ametrine Aquamarine Blue Sapphire Blue Tourmaline Blue Zircon Chrome Tourmaline Chrome Diopside Citrine Emerald Garnet Golden Sapphire Green Tourmaline Green Zircon Hessonite(garnet) Imperial Topaz Iolite London Blue Topaz Opal Peridot Pink Tourmaline Plum Grape Garnet Precious Topaz Rhodolite(garnet) Rose Quartz Rubellite(red tourmaline) Ruby Sky Blue Topaz Special Orders Spinel Swiss Topaz Tanzanite Tsavorite(garnet) Turquoise Watermelon Tourmaline White Sapphire Colors Blue Blue/GreenBrown/Orange Cinnamon Color Changing Purple Dark Blue Dark Brown Dark Green Dark Red Green Lavender Light Blue Light Brown Light Green Light Purple Multiple Colors Orange Pink Pink/Green Purple Violet White/Transparent Yellow/Green Yellow/Purple Yellow Shapes Apec Baguette Buff Top Cabochon Chevron Cushion Diamond Emerald Fan Fancy Half Moon Heart Marquise Bar Oval Pear Princess Round Round Lonestar Slice Square Tapered Baguette Tear Drop Trapeze Triangle Trillion
Carat Size up to 1 carat 1 to 3 carat 3 to 5 carat > 5 carat All Sizes Price Range U.S. $1 to U.S. $24.99 U.S. $25 to U.S. $99.99 U.S. $100 to U.S. $500.00 More than U.S. $500.00 All Prices

Types of Gems:
This menu lists our gemstone inventory according to their mineral classifications. For example, if you wish to view all of the available emeralds, then choose that option and then click on "Submit Gemstone Search." If you would prefer to view only those emeralds of a certain cut, carat size, or price range, then use the remaining options listed below.
If you select a type of gemstone, it is not necessary to also select a color unless you are searching for an unusual specimen.
To learn more about the various types of gemstones you can view the Gemstone
Types, Properties and Birthstones pages.
This menu allows you to choose the color of gemstones you prefer. If you select "red" from the list without specifying a type of gem, you are likely to retrieve examples of rubies, garnets, amethyst, as well as any other gems with a reddish hue. For convenience, the color choices in the search form are not broken down into nearly so many subsets as are normally used to describe gem colors.
Shapes of Gemstones:
If you are shopping for gemstones with a specific shape, then select one of the options under the "Shapes" menu. The default setting retrieves all shapes, so it is not necessary to make a selection.
For more information on gemstone shapes and faceting please view the
Shapes page.
Carat Size:
The Carat Size option allows you to select the size [weight] of the stones you wish to view. Available choices are stones of less than 1 carat weight, 1 to 3 carats, 3 to 5 carats, and more than 5 carats.
If you select a price range it is suggested that you not select a carat size since you might miss a bargain!